Live Blackjack

Most online casinos have long ago added live games to their categories, and one of the essential elements of a live casino is live blackjack online. This game is popular with players, so the developers and operators are trying to improve technology and try to make the game more fun.

Unlike slot machines, blackjack is initially supposed to have a dealer who would serve the tables. Regular blackjack on a random number generator does not have this. Therefore, the decision to broadcast the game with a real dealer from the studios is a great alternative that is close to going to a land-based casino, but does not require you to travel.

The best online casinos with live blackjack

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 Thor Casino NZ 20 FS / 325% up to NZ$3610 + 200 FST & C Apply Visit Review
2 PlayLuck Casino NZ EUR 800 + 100 FST & C Apply Visit Review
3 KatsuBet Casino NZ 100% up to $1500T & C Apply Visit Review
4 Joy Casino NZ EUR 2000 + 200 FST & C Apply Visit Review
5 Buran Casino New Zealand 100% up to $1000 + 200 FST & C Apply Visit Review
6 Rocketwin Casino NZ 100% up to $5000 / 1 BTC + 100 FST & C Apply Visit Review
7 888casino NZ 100% up to NZ$140T & C Apply Visit Review
8 Jackpotcity Casino NZ NZ$ 1600 FREET & C Apply Visit Review
9 Spin Casino NZ $1000T & C Apply Visit Review
10 Mason Slots Casino NZ $300 + 100FST & C Apply Visit Review
All live blackjack casinos

Who offers live casino blackjack?

Almost every casino with a live games section will have blackjack. Along with live roulette, this is the most popular category of live dealer games. To evaluate the options available, you can use our rating.

Depending on the solidity of the site, users are offered a certain number of tables with live dealers. As you can imagine, organizing a live broadcast is not easy. This requires:

  • A specially equipped studio to be purchased or rented;
  • Sufficiently trained staff. Since many people may want to play online blackjack at the same time, the club must have several dealers. Since this is a round-the-clock process, it is necessary to organize a shift operation;
  • Reliable equipment. Card tables, cameras and so on are not cheap at all.

At the same time, we mention only the most important things, and there are also little things, the cost of which is also a tidy sum.

In order to start playing blackjack at live casinos for real money, you need to register at the casino and fund your account. Dealing with starting and managing the process will not be difficult. Everything is clear on an intuitive level. In addition, you can always communicate with the dealer directly via chat and ask any questions that interest you.

How to play Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack from Evolution New Zealand and AustraliaEverything is the same as in regular blackjack. You will be dealt cards and your goal is to collect more points than the dealer and not go over 21. Compared to a regular game in an online casino, the only thing that changes is that a real person will deal cards to you and the equipment will be real. The game itself will take place in the studio and will be broadcasted to you from there.

You will have control buttons on the screen: place a bet, add, enough, double, etc. In general, everything is as usual. An additional opportunity will be communication with the dealer, which takes place via chat. You send a chat message and the dealer answers your camera. The dealers have a special monitor on which they see the messages of the players, as well as information about who is sitting at the table and what bets they are making.

Who Can Play Live Dealer Blackjack?

This is fun for any player. However, it must be remembered that in general the game is not for cents, but dollars. Expect rates of $1 and up. So this kind of entertainment definitely starts with more expensive bets than regular blackjack.

Free mode will not be available here either. So beginners are better off not practicing at these tables. Apart from financial constraints, anyone can play this game. The audience that operators are targeting, offering this game, is very different. And many casinos offer special VIP tables for big players.

What live blackjack games can you find?

A decent number of different types of this game are known today. Do you think that in live dealer blackjack game it is possible to have fun choosing from a huge range of offers? Unfortunately no. In this case, the choice will be somewhat limited. However, as a rule, this does not prevent you from finding an interesting option. If blackjack is presented in a large number in a live casino section, this most often means that this casino has the opportunity to set a large number of tables, and not offer many different game options.

There are many options that vary from small differences to significant ones. In addition to the difference in the rules, for example, the number of used decks, the rules for stopping the draw by the dealer, table limits, payout coefficients and some others, there are cardinal differences.

Innovative games appear from time to time. One of them is Infinite Blackjack, which is a type of Evolution blackjack – the largest provider of live blackjack games. The difference between this type is that as many players as you like can sit at the table. The number of places is not limited. We will talk in detail about Evolution blackjack below.

NetEnt will also release Perfect Blackjack, a live dealer blackjack where cards will be dealt with a basic strategy. Players will no longer need to think about which decision will be correct, it will be done for them. This ideal game minimizes the house edge, so the theoretical return is as high as 99.5%.

Live casinos in general and live blackjack online in particular are constantly evolving. New solutions are invented, the game becomes more interesting. For example, tables are opened that, in addition to the main game, broadcast and comment on sports events. Themed tables for the holidays, etc. There are also variations of live blackjack where side bets such as perfect pairs and 21 + 3 can be placed.

Evolution blackjack

Online Blackjack from Evolution Gaming is the fastest, most feature-rich version of live dealer blackjack available anywhere. Everything is perfectly optimized for the best experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Live Blackjack is represented on dozens of tables with bets ranging from € 0.50 to € 2500.

The main game is infinitely interesting, plus, additional functions are implemented:

  • Pre-Decision
  • Side bets
  • Bet Behind

Classic Live Blackjack from Evolution Gaming

In its classic version, Evolution Gaming blackjack is presented at the standard and VIP tables. An online casino visitor can see which tables have seats and can choose the most suitable one.

The player takes one of 7 seats on the selected table. In addition, an unlimited number of players can also not play directly, but place bets on existing players – Bet Behind.

Friendly professional dealers welcome players and interact with them throughout the entire gambling process. Interaction and betting are carried out through a simple and intuitive interface. The object of the game is to make a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand.

In addition to the classic blackjack with a dealer, the options are Insurance, Double Down, Split Pair, 21 + 3, Perfect Pairs Side Bets and Pre-Decision. They allow you to diversify the game and get additional winnings.

Blackjack Party version

Low stakes and party style blackjack is Blackjack Party. Tables with this name have two dealers. And Evolution Gaming is the leader in this area. Again, for those watching, there are player bets available – Bet Behind.

Blackjack Party is accompanied by pleasant music, a playful chat works for the players, and professional hosts try to pay attention to the maximum number of participants. There can be 7 players at the table at the same time. And even these players can place Bet Behind bets on their opponents. And all this with lively encouragement from a team of leading dealers.

Evolution Gaming: Bet Behind

Previously, you could just watch the dealer and the players while all the seats at the table are occupied. Now, during such observation, you can also win. And even while at the gaming table, you can place a bet for any other place.

The winning players are marked with a gold medal next to their name. The number on the medals tells how many rounds have been won during the current session. One or two ribbons and up to three stars around the medal are also indicators of how lucky the player is. Looking at these scores, it is easier to estimate the odds of winning and place Bet Behind reasonably.

Low Bet Behind stakes encourage new players to experience the thrill of the Live Blackjack table. Bets on players are not limited, you can place them on one challenger or on all 7 places.

For waiting players who place Bet Behind bets but are claiming to play at the table, such an opportunity opens up when one of the main 7 seats is vacated.

Perfect Pairs and 21 + 3 Side Bets

Perfect Pairs and 21 + 3 Side Bets are bets on specific pairs and combinations. They add spice to the game and open up more winning opportunities.

A player betting on Perfect Pair can receive additional payouts if the first two cards dealt are in pairs:

  • mixed (2 cards of the same rank, but different colors) – 5 to 1
  • color (2 cards of the same rank and color) – 10 to 1
  • perfect (2 identical cards) – 30 to 1

Side bets 21 + 3 give the player the chance to win on a variety of poker-style card combinations. The combo consists of the first two cards and one open card in the dealer’s hand:

  • Three of a kind – 100 to 1
  • Straight flush – 40 to 1
  • Three of a kind – 30 to 1
  • Straight pays 10 to 1
  • Flash pays 5 to 1

Pre-Decision Option

Pre-Decision makes Evolution blackjack faster and more attractive. The player can make a preliminary decision Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split at the same time as the first player, without waiting for his turn. This gives more activity to the players, and operators play more games per hour.

Benefits of all Live Evolution blackjack:

  • High quality Full HD video
  • Dozens of gaming tables
  • Wide range of rates
  • Nice professional dealers
  • Convenient interface that is easy to understand even for a beginner
  • The latest technology and proprietary know-how, making the game more dynamic and eventful
  • Chat for communication
  • Back office with the ability to issue bonuses to players
  • SSL protocol to protect user data
  • The ability to watch the dealer and players as much as you want without investment before you start placing bets

Online casinos with Evolution blackjack

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 Slots Magic Casino NZ EUR100 + 50 FST & C Apply Visit Review
2 ParadiseWin Casino NZ EUR 600 + 100 FST & C Apply Visit Review
3 EmuCasino NZ 12 FS / 200% up to $100 + 50 FST & C Apply Visit Review

Cons and pros of live casino blackjack

Naturally, as in any casino game, when launching live blackjack in an online casino, you should understand that in addition to the big advantages, this type of recreation also involves disadvantages. Still, it’s worth starting with the positives:

  • to communicate with a live dealer is much more pleasant than with a soulless machine;
  • the chances of winning against the dealer are slightly higher, since the random number generator is excluded from the process;
  • the player has the impression that he is in a real land-based casino, which is very exciting psychologically;
  • you can try to count cards, but you need to make sure that those who have already played are set aside and do not return to the shoe.

These three points are already enough to be convinced of the prospects of participating in the game with live dealers.
Nevertheless, this option for spending leisure time has a very significant disadvantage, which in some cases can cross out all the positive aspects. The fact is that excitement during the game can play a bad thing: an inexperienced gamer will not be able to stop in time. This will lead to a serious loss, as even the most profitable casino game ultimately becomes a reason for financial losses. For a long period of time, the casino always wins, this is how this business works.

Obviously, this area has not yet reached its limit and in the future players will find many more interesting new products. Don’t forget to check other casino games with LIVE dealers and LIVE casino bonus.

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