How to Bet on Champions League 2023?

Only the top 32 clubs in Europe participate in the UEFA Champions League. This results in an exciting battle for the cup with the big ears every year.

In this article, you will learn everything about betting on Champions League matches and get to know the best Champions League bookmakers without GamStop.

How to Choose the Best Online Bookmaker Without GamStop?

The best Champions League bookmakers meet six important criteria. Below we list them for you and tell you exactly what you should pay attention to.


The odds of online bookmakers are usually not far apart. To achieve the highest profit, it is best to look for the Champions League bookmaker with the highest betting odds. Even the smallest difference sometimes has a big effect on your profit. Compare the odds of the team you want to bet on at different bookmakers.

Betting Options

Although you can bet on the UEFA Champions League at any bookmaker without GamStop, you do not have the same options everywhere. Therefore, check which types of bets you take out with a certain bookmaker. Look beyond just 1X2 and handicap betting. A good non GamStop bookmaker also has at least over/under, even/odd and combo bets.

Live Betting

Live betting on football matches is even more exciting than pre-match betting, especially in a huge competition like the Champions League. Therefore, check the options with your online bookmaker without GamStop. First, check whether the bookmaker offers live betting on these matches at all. In the best case, you can watch the Champions League via a live stream.


With a cashout you have your current bet paid out early. You will then receive less money back than if you had won the bet. Ideal if you are not sure whether you have guessed correctly. Check whether your Champions League bookmaker has a cashout function and on which bets you can use the function.

Platform & App

With the best betting platforms, you can place a Champions League bet in just a few clicks, without much hassle. In addition, you must easily find sports, competitions, matches and betting options. The same goes for mobile gambling. Mobile betting is usually even easier with a bookmaker with its app.


Do you want to bet on the Champions League with free play money or with boosted odds? Then look for the best bookmaker bonuses and promotions. This way you bet with a reduced risk and you make a profit at the expense of the bookmaker. Nice is not it? Always read the bonus conditions and fine print carefully to avoid nasty surprises.

Champions League 2023

Bet on the Winner of the 2023 Champions League

The most popular betting option in this competition is betting on the winner of the Champions League. It is also perhaps the hardest to predict, especially if you place an outright bet far in advance.

Non GamStop bookmaker odds reflect a team’s theoretical odds of winning. Below we show you which clubs have a chance to win the competition. We do this based on the 10 best odds from Jack’s Sport, starting with favourite Manchester City.

Champions League Statistics: Winners & Top SScorers

By looking at the results of previous matches, you can gain insight into the performance of the teams participating in the Champions League. History regularly repeats itself. It is therefore smart to base your future bet on past results.

With a high prize pool and great status, teams are extra motivated to compete for the title of this billion-dollar ball. And who knows, maybe this year the cup will go to the team that just missed out on winning the Champions League last year.

Also, look beyond these statistics. For example, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have both reached the Champions League final, but have not been able to win the championship title so far. Maybe it will work this time?

Which Teams Will Play in the Champions League in 2023?

The Champions League is in full swing. This means that a large number of clubs have already been eliminated. Below we give you an overview of clubs that have reached the knockout phase in 2023. Can you guess which clubs will end up in the semi-finals and the final?

Champions League Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers: a Guide

You can place football bets on the Champions League in five steps. Below we explain step-by-step how you approach it exactly.

  1. Choose Your Champions League Bookmaker

You will learn how to choose the best non GamStop sites on this page. A lot depends on your personal preferences, but there are still many features to take into account. Once you have made your choice, create an account and make your first deposit.

2. Claim Your Free Bets Welcome Bonus

When registering, pay attention to your welcome bonus. Usually, the bonus is automatically added to your bookmaker balance after registering or depositing. However, some online bookmakers require you to claim the bonus manually. Read the bonus conditions in advance so as not to miss out on your bonus.

3. Do Your Research Before Placing a Bet

Before you start betting in the wild, do your research. This way you get to know the market and make more informed decisions, which significantly increases your chances of winning. Therefore, dive into statistics from previous Champions League matches.

Making Money Betting on the Champions League at Non GamStop Bookmkers: Tips

Maybe you are an expert in the field of the Champions League and therefore you know who will be the winner of the competition or maybe you’re not an expert at all, but you have a gut feeling that never lies. Whatever your technique for betting on Champions League matches, with our strategic tips you have an even better chance of winning.

Bet on the Winner for the Group Stage

Do you already have a good idea of which club will win the Champions League? Then place your bet before the group stage starts. The risk of guessing wrong is greater, but the odds are many times higher than if you only bet on the winner during the group stage.

Don’t Overestimate the Home Field Advantage

Statistics show that in the Champions League, we usually notice little of the home advantage. In the 2021-22 Champions League season, the home team won only 48% of the games. Therefore, always bet on the strongest team, regardless of whether they play at home or away.

Complete an Over/Under Bet

The average number of goals scored in the Champions League is higher than in other competitions. Therefore, bet that the number of goals scored will be higher than 2.5. The odds for an over/under bet are usually good. So you can earn a lot of money with a small bet.

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